5 Things to Stop Doing Right Now to Get Clear Skin

5 Things to Stop Doing Right Now to Get Clear Skin


  1. We often have sneaky little habits that create acne and we may not even realize it, such as leaning on your hands, rubbing your nose or touching your face. These are big culprits when it comes to the war on acne. Oil and bacteria on your hands can irritate pores resulting in a fast break out. You can easily break this habit by creating a pattern interrupt. This means doing something that brings your attention to the habit. For example, wearing a loose watch, bangles or even yarn with bells (our basketball players from Santa Fe came up with this idea). Also, use tissue that does not contain oils or moisturizers to prevent irritation to your little nose. You can break these habits easily within days!


  1. Make-up brushes are hidden acne triggers that are often overlooked. Accumulated oil, bacteria and makeup can create acne havoc on your face. This is an easy fix. Make sure to wash your brushes a couple times a week to keep them acne safe. Most importantly, be sure to wash your makeup tools with a truly acne safe cleanser to prevent future break outs.


  1. Limit your coffee to 8 oz daily. Too much coffee can kick the body into fight or flight by increasing stress levels; this creates excess oil production in the pores. Looking for extra energy and focus? Drink water instead. Water revitalizes the body by increasing cellular oxygenation resulting in extra energy and a more effective ability to concentrate. Bottoms up!


  1. Ditch the canned foods. In general, cans are disinfected with iodine to help prevent contamination and anyone who battles acne should know that excess iodine is a fast trigger for acne. Choose frozen packaged foods instead, this is a better choice anyway since most items are flash frozen at the height of their freshness.


  1. Check the ingredient deck on your chewing gum. Most gum on the market contains many different types of soy, another well known acne trigger. Soy generates more oil production in the pores and when you are fighting acne this is like throwing gas on a fire. Try Pur gum instead, it is totally acne safe.