Common Acne Myths

Common Acne Myths


Spot Treating with Benzoyl Peroxide Clears Acne

Benzoyl Peroxide should be applied to the entire face rather than spot treating.  This method only targets the current blemish; it does not affect the pimples that are forming under the skin.  It can take up to 90 days before they actually hit the surface of the skin.  Treat the acne before it begins by applying a Benzoyl Peroxide to the whole face.

Dirty Skin and Poor Hygiene Cause Acne

Acne begins deep within the pore.  It is an individual’s genetic propensity to acne which causes dead skin cells to build up in the pores much faster than normal.  These dead skin cells create a microdome (the beginning of an acne blemish).  By using the right type of products that penetrate the entire length of the pore success in preventing new formations from developing in the first place is very possible.


Acne Can Be Cured

Currently there are no cures for acne, however it can be managed. Sometimes an Acne Sufferer may outgrow this genetic disorder at some point in their life.  Even so, we can not be sure when or if this may happen.  In the meantime, by managing acne you can prevent long lasting damage to the surface of the skin.


Moisturizers Cause Acne

Many people with acne are fearful of using moisturizers due to past experiences with it contributing to acne.  This apprehension is quite understandable.  Most moisturizers found on the market today are filled with pore clogging ingredients which can definitely add to acne break outs . Yet, any product that contains ingredients strong enough to affect acne can be very drying to the skin.  Follow these steps for an easy transition:


1.) Start slowly with products containing strong actives in order to allow your skin to adjust to them.


2.) Applying a sunscreen with a moisturizer that does not contain pore clogging ingredients each morning will help keep your skin moisturizer so that the acne regimen will not dry the skin out.


Kimberly Lovato LE, Licensed Acne Specialist